Corset Back Braces - Orthopedic Support - Your Insurance May Cover The Brace!

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Are you someone that has low back pain?

Are you a medical professional that is searching for a corset type brace for one of your patients?

1.) Corsets Have Modern Use in Medical Field

In the medical field, many physicians recommend that their patients get lumbar sacral corsets to help support their lower back. A corset type of brace can be very helpful for people with back problems. These particular kinds of supports are usually prefabricated. Typically, corsets are used for a person's lower back, but there are exceptions to every rule of course. - This is the simple way to put it. For those of us that want more detailed information, a corset should extend from a point 10 millimeters distal to the xyphoid process and it extends down to a point that is 10 millimeters superior to the symphisis pubis. - These supports can be very helpful in facilitating the healing process and can also help to reduce back pain. Many times they can also be worn over a garment like a t-shirt and underneath any other shirt you want, without being noticed.

Your doctor may suggest that you use a corset after a surgical procedure for your lower spine, to help give you more support. They can give you pain relief and support but they are not usually used for people that have very unstable spine problems. If your spine is not stable and needs more support, you will (or your patients will) need more support. An LSO or TLSO can provide the next level of support above a corset type of brace. - Corset type braces are typically used as a reminder for individuals and can also be a helpful aid when you do not need to turn to a more rigid support.

2.) General Differences Among Corset Types (Lumbar Sacral vs. Dorsolumbar Corsets)

There are basically two kinds of corsets. One type is for your lower back (as described above) and the other type of corset is used for people that can not tolerate rigid braces. We are referring to what is called a dorsolumbar corset here, when the brace is used for more than just your lower back and incorporates a patient's thoracic spine as well. What this means is that dorsal lumbar corsets typically extend the length of someone's back and have over the shoulder straps that help to prevent people from flexing their spine. This is helpful for people who have posture problems (sagittal imbalance) or a compression fracture.

3.) Corset Braces & Insurance

Typically, these kinds of braces can be billed to someone's insurance, when there is medical necessity for the corset. It is important for you to bring your insurance card, as well as your I.D. to the appointment when you go to a brace company as well if you want to have an insurance claim submitted.


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